2015 Survey Results

National Employee Freedom Week has released a series of scientific surveys to find out how many of those in union households want to leave their unions, how many think employees should be able to opt-out of union membership and how many know they have the ability to opt out of union membership without losing their job or facing any other penalty. The results show the need for NEFW’s mission of employee freedom.

Percent of union members answering “Yes” to the question: “If it were possible to opt out of membership in a labor union without losing your job or any other penalty, would you do it?”
Yes 28.1%
No 71.9%


Percent of union members answering “Yes” to the question: “Should employees have the right to decide, without force or penalty, whether to join or leave a labor union?”
Yes 76.5%
No 23.5%


Location Percent of union households answering “No” to the question: “Are you aware that you can opt-out of union membership and of paying all or a portion of your union dues without losing your job or any other penalty?” States marked with a * had the question asked to the general population.
National 39.2%
Alabama* 61.9%
Alaska 34.8%
Arizona 28.4%
Arkansas* 60.4%
California 35.9%
Colorado 30.9%
Connecticut 41.2%
Delaware 39%
Florida* 60.6%
Georgia* 66.1%
Hawaii 37.6%
Idaho 26.6%
Illinois 30.8%
Indiana 24.7%
Iowa 22.7%
Kansas 17.8%
Kentucky 33.3%
Louisiana* 66.6%
Maine 25.7%
Maryland 32.4%
Massachusetts 38.6%
Michigan 17.5%
Minnesota 25.6%
Mississippi 32%
Missouri 38.5%
Montana 36.5%
Nebraska 34.7%
Nevada 27.7%
New Hampshire 23.4%
New Jersey 37.1%
New Mexico 27.5%
New York 41.8%
North Carolina* 70.4%
North Dakota 25.5%
Ohio 34.3%
Oklahoma* 52.9%
Oregon 29.3%
Pennsylvania 34.4%
Rhode Island 33.1%
South Carolina* 62%
South Dakota 28.7%
Tennessee 25.2%
Texas* 60.8%
Utah* 57%
Vermont 29.8%
Virginia* 68.1%
Washington 32.3%
West Virginia 29.7%
Wisconsin 19.5%
Wyoming 22.6%

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