Know Your Rights as a Government Worker

Government workers' rights were restored in 2018, but not everyone is free to exercise them.

More than 100 national and state-level groups have joined the coordinated effort to raise awareness of among government workers of their First Amendment rights and push back against efforts to restrict those freedoms.

In the end, Employee Freedom Week and its partners are about one thing: making sure every worker has the right to decide for themselves whether or not union membership is the right decision.

Want to opt-out of a union?

Every state is slightly different when it comes to opting out of union membership. Luckily, Employee Freedom Week members are all over the nation, and many are able to help local workers navigate the process.

Some organizations serve workers regardless of what state they might be in. and MyPayMySay are both great resources for public-sector workers nationwide. The National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation has helped and represented more employees nationwide, in every sector and industry, than any other, and the Association of American Educators is invaluable for teachers looking to find a non-union alternative.

However, there are also numerous local organizations ready to help, as well. Here are just a few examples of national and local organizations helping employees navigate the process and exercise their rights to leave the union.

Scroll even further down for a full list of Employee Freedom Week members throughout the nation.

National Employee Freedom Week Founding Partners

The Nevada Policy Research Institute and the Association of American Educators have spearheaded National Employee Freedom Week from the beginning.

Visit their websites here:

Nevada Policy Research Institute

Association of American Educators

NEFW members

Over the years, groups from all over the nation have taken part in National Employee Freedom Week:

National Groups

ALEC Action 
American Legislative Exchange Council 
Americans for Prosperity Foundation 
Americans for Tax Reform 
Association of American Educators 
Atlas Network 
Center for Independent Employees 
Center for Union Facts 
Center for Worker Freedom 
Center on National Labor Policy, Inc. 
Choice Media 
Christian Educators Association International 
Competitive Enterprise Institute 
Concerned Educators Against Forced Unionism (CEAFU) 
Education Action Group 
Goldwater Institute 
Heartland Institute 
Heritage Foundation 
National Institute for Labor Relations Research 
National Right to Work Committee 
National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation 
Reason Foundation 
The Fairness Center 
Freedom Foundation 

State-based groups

AlaskaAlaska Policy Forum 
AlabamaAlabama Conference of Educators 
 Alabama Policy Institute 
ArkansasArkansas State Teachers Association (ASTA) 
ArizonaAFP – Arizona 
CaliforniaCalifornia Policy Center 
 California Teachers Empowerment Network 
 Capitol Resource Institute 
ColoradoAFP – Colorado 
 Independence Institute (Colorado) 
 Professional Association of Colorado Educators 
ConnecticutYankee Institute (Connecticut) 
FloridaJames Madison Institute (Florida) 
GeorgiaAAE – Georgia 
 Georgia Public Policy Foundation 
HawaiiGrassroot Institute of Hawaii 
IowaAFP – Iowa 
 Professional Educators of Iowa 
IdahoNorthwest Professional Educators (NWPE) (Idaho) 
IllinoisAFP – Illinois 
 Illinois Policy Institute 
 Liberty Justice Center 
KansasKansas Association of American Educators 
 Kansas Policy Institute 
KentuckyAFP – Kentucky 
LouisianaAssociated Professional Educators of Louisiana 
 Pelican Institute for Public Policy (Louisiana) 
MassachusettsMassachusetts Fiscal Alliance 
 Pioneer Institute (Massachusetts) 
MaineMaine Heritage Policy Center 
MichiganAFP – Michigan 
 Mackinac Center (Michigan) 
MinnesotaCenter of the American Experiment (Minnesota) 
 Freedom Foundation of Minnesota 
MissouriAFP – Missouri 
MississippiEmpower Mississippi 
 Mississippi Center for Public Policy 
North CarolinaJohn Locke Foundation (North Carolina) 
New JerseyAAE – New Jersey 
 AFP – New Jersey 
 Excellent Education for Everyone (E3) 
New MexicoRio Grande Foundation (New Mexico) 
NevadaCitizen Outreach 
 Nevada Policy Research Institute 
OhioAFP – Ohio 
 Buckeye Institute (Ohio) 
OregonCascade Policy Institute (Oregon) 
PennsylvaniaAFP – Pennsylvania 
 Commonwealth Foundation (Pennsylvania) 
Rhode IslandRhode Island Center for Freedom and Prosperity 
TennesseeBeacon Center of Tennessee 
TexasAFP – Texas 
 Texas Public Policy Foundation 
UtahAAE – Utah 
WashingtonWashington Policy Center  
WisconsinAAE – Wisconsin 
 AFP – Wisconsin