2014 Survey Results

National Employee Freedom Week has released a series of scientific surveys to find out how many union members want to leave their union and gauging the public’s support for employee freedom. The results were surprising.

Over 28 percent of union members stated that they wanted to leave their union. And the public overwhelming supports their right to do so. Over 82 percent of Americans believe union members should be able to leave their union without facing any penalty.

This concept, generally referred to as right to work, received widespread, 50+ percent support in individual states as well, including non-right-to-work states like California, Illinois and New Jersey.

The general surveys are each based on 500-502 respondents and were conducted by Google Consumer Surveys. The poll of union members surveyed 454 union members.

Percent of union members answering "Yes" to the question: "If it were possible to opt out of membership in a labor union without losing your job or any other penalty, would you do it?"
Yes 28.71%
No 71.29%
Location Percent of survey respondents answering "Yes" to the question: "Should employees have the right to decide, without force or penalty, whether to join or leave a labor union?"
National 82.87%
Alabama 79.59%
Alaska 81.98%
Arizona 83.50%
Arkansas 83.71%
California 76.02%
Colorado 82.37%
Connecticut 75.08%
Delaware 82.11%
Florida 83.92%
Georgia 78.78%
Hawaii 83.40%
Idaho 82.82%
Illinois 83.57%
Indiana 85.22%
Iowa 85.98%
Kansas 79.80%
Kentucky 79.94%
Louisiana 81.80%
Maine 82.72%
Michigan 84.21%
Minnesota 83.44%
Mississippi 82.56%
Missouri 79.28%
Nebraska 81.99%
Nevada 82.82%
New Hampshire 86.20%
New Jersey 77.52%
New Mexico 84.73%
North Carolina 80.92%
Ohio 80.50%
Oregon 83.99%
Pennsylvania 81.18%
Rhode Island 80.71%
South Carolina 76.82%
Tennessee 80.50%
Utah 81.48%
Vermont 85.02%
Washington 79.04%
Wisconsin 82.88%

2013 Survey Results

In 2013, the National Employee Freedom Week Coalition conducted a series of scientific surveys to ascertain just how many of the nation’s union households would opt out of union membership if they could do so without losing their job or facing any other penalty.

The results were surprising: Nationally, 33 percent of respondents indicated that they would opt out of union membership. State results also showed that a significant portion of those in union households want to opt out of union membership. Unless noted otherwise, each survey is based on 500-502 respondents.

If you are a member of the media and would like additional details on the surveys, please contact Jordan Bruneau, jordan@employeefreedomweek.com or 916-258-2396.

Location Percentage of union households answering yes to this question: If it were possible to opt out of membership in a labor union without losing your job or any other penalty would you do it?
United States 33.4%
Alabama 29.8%
Alaska 28.2%*
Arizona 35.2%
Arkansas 23.0%*
California 36.5%
Colorado 37.6%
Connecticut 34.0%
Delaware 30.0%
Florida 35.7%*
Idaho 27.8%*
Illinois 30.4%
Iowa 23.8%
Kansas 25.7%*
Kentucky 28.2%
Louisiana 32.3%*
Maine 34.5%*
Massachusetts 28.8%
Michigan 28.4%
Minnesota 26.9%
Mississippi 29.9%
Nebraska 31.6%*
Nevada 31.1%
New Jersey 27.6%
New Mexico 34.6%
North Carolina 32.9%
Ohio 37.7% (500 responses, not filtered by union households: 41.1% not in a union, 36.7% would not opt out, 22.2% would)
Oklahoma 26.2%*
Oregon 31.2%
Pennsylvania 27.6%
South Carolina 34.5%
Tennessee 28.3%*
Utah 44.6%
Washington 35.6%
Wisconsin 42.0% (500 responses, not filtered by union households: 49.1% not in a union, 29.4% would not opt out, 21.4% would)
* Because of the smaller relevant population in some states, the survey wasn’t able to reach the full number of sample respondents by deadline. Please contact steve@employeefreedomweek.com for more details.