Every employee has their own reasons for opting-out of union membership. Here are some of the most common.

  1. Union bosses enrich themselves on member dues, instead of serving members. All across the country, union bosses are spending the dues of rank-and-file union members on themselves or golf vacations to the Hawaii.

  2. Union membership is expensive. In many parts of the country, union membership is over $1,000 a year. Imagine what you could do with an extra $1,000 a year. Make an extra payment on your mortgage or just current on it? More easily afford groceries and gasoline? Take your family on a much-needed vacation? In the last few years, millions of union members have left their unions and put more of their own money into their own pocket.

  3. Poor service. Many union members can’t get a response to their phone calls or emails, let alone get help when they need it most. Why should anyone have to pay for such poor service?

  4. Many individuals don’t want unions playing politics with their money. Many union members want their union to focus on work, but instead, union bosses are using members’ dues money for political purposes. Unions are some of the largest campaign contributors in the entire country. While unions routinely support far-left candidates and causes, many union members of all political philosophies are simply opposed to an organization they don’t join for political purposes, spending their money on political purposes.

  5. Alternative organizations offer better benefits and a chance for professional development for a much lower cost. Teachers often value liability insurance and legal representation, which are often provided by teacher unions. Fortunately, for teachers who value these products, alternative organizations, like the Association of American Educators, offer these services for much less. For instance, the cost of AAE membership, which includes a $2 million liability insurance policy and legal representation is just $15 a month.

Non-political professional organizations in other professions also offer opportunities for professional development without the politics for much less than union membership.

While these reasons reflect the thoughts on many union members, every employee’s story is unique. What are your reasons for wanting to leave your union?

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